Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth Headset

A few weeks ago I got to talk with the folks at Plantronics. They showed me this neat in the Voyager Legend UC. It has the ability to connect up to your computer, or tablet. Best part – you can have the device connected to two computers at the same time.

About the Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

The Voyager Legend UC is an earpiece Bluetooth headset that is also a smart headset. you can press a button and speak a command. You can also activate your smartphone’s voice commands, speak to text and more.

A CES award winner, the UC headset can be paired with your smartphone, tablet or PC. For those computers without Bluetooth, the UC also comes with a USB dongle.

The UC Legend also comes with 7 hour battery and 11 days of . The headset weighs 18 grams and the buttons are placed apart from each other so you don’t “Fat finger” it.

The three precision tuned mics help pick up your voice without getting the sounds around you. The earpiece contains Soundguard technology for leveling and limiting sounds over 118 dbA. The also has a 128-bit .

UC’s portable charging case puts your headset and USB dongle in one place. The magnetic connector will fit for charging everytime and if the case opens, the parts don’t go flying out.

Additional accessories include a desktop charger, a mobile charger and extra earpiece covers.

Two models of the Voyager Legend – B235 for and B235-M for Microsoft Linc and OCS 2007.

Legacy Voyager Case

Legacy Voyager Case

The Review – Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

The best part is if I had it connected to two items, I could answer calls from one headset. So it doesn’t matter if the or someone on Skype calls on the PC. I can use one headset to answer and talk.

It’s also very portable. The case is small enough to fit in the computer bag and I know it won’t go flying out the case.

I do wish the Bluetooth USB was able to connect more than just the Plantronics device. For that matter, I can just get a USB Bluetooth adaptor for $15 and use that.

The headset does look a bit bigger than most headsets. The exchange for that is the technology inside and the long battery life. It is comfortable to wear throughout the day, so I may never have to take my smartphone out of my pocket as I can take calls and send / receive text messages.

Overall, the Plantronics Voyager Legend UC is a great bluetooth device for the tech-savvy person that needs to stay connected.

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Legacy Voyager UC

Legacy Voyager UC

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