POD Datacenter – HP Technology Forum 2009

During the week, we learned about how has worked on putting a Data Center in a place you would not normally expect. A Shipping .

Shipping containers have been used for years to send items overseas. Cars, boats, heavy equipment, or if you’re packing your house, put it in a POD and move it. More recent PODs have been promoted as the in moving. Instead of a moving truck, you load up the POD and call the the company to pick up and drop at the desired location. Even this year, I have seen local have a POD next to them to lock up all the .

Yet HP has a different use for them in Datacenters. If your runs out of space, or maybe you are building or reconstructing. You could even use this HP POD in an emergency situation.

Andy McCaskey talks with Steve about what an HP POD has to offer.

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