Pogoplug lets you access your files in the cloud – CES 2010


Last year we ran into Pogoplug at the Sands and learned on how you can share your files over the internet. Andy McCaskey was literally enamored in this product. We then went and got pogoplugs – got them for all his crew.

We ran into the guys from PogoPlug this year at . Andy was right on this one. We learned about the new version of the Pogo Plug. It is easy to Install – Plug in a , plug in to your router and plug into the wall. That’s it.

The Pogoplug also employs full . You call up the files from a browser and see files you need. There is even an app for that!

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Full Web Access
All the files from your external hard drive can be viewed or downloaded through your Web browser, with no need to download or install extra software.
iPhone Support
Access all your media from an iPhone, and even send new pictures from your iPhone straight to your home, with a single click.
Works Just Like Your Hard Drive
Your Pogoplug is accessible through Explorer and Mac Finder. It’s just like using a drive that is directly connected to your computer.
Safe, Simple Sharing
Easily share your home videos and photos with friends and family. No uploading required!
Pogoplug is getting even better all the time. Our system is expandable over the Web. Soon, your Pogoplug can connect directly to popular sites such as backup, file synchronization, photo printing and more.
Power requirements: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Drive connection: USB 2.0
Drive Formats: NTFS, FAT32, Mac OS Extended Journaled and non-Journaled (HFS+), EXT-2/EXT-3
Network connection: Gigabit Ethernet
Operating Systems: MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 10.5 and above (Intel and ) 32bit kernel only, Linux
: Safari, 3, IE 7, IE 8, Chrome
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