Pond5: Stock Footage, Sound Effects, Photos and more – #BWELA



Do you need stock footage? Audio, video, sound effects, after effects and more, with over 80,000 clips is what Pond5 is all about. For ’s , Jeffrey Powers talks with Chris from Pond5 to discuss a great opportunity for people like myself who take video, audio, pictures and more.

Pond5’s RevShare options are great to put some cash in your pocket. If you get B-Roll, submit to Pond5 on a non-exclusive content. Share your clips through Pond5 and you could get some cash back.

“We’re all about media producers.” Says Chris of Pond5. “We think that the sheer amount of people that are generating content is only growing. We want to be a part of that. Whatever we can do is what we are working on.”

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