PureEnergy is Changing the Way You Power Your World Pt 1 – CES 2010


What is funny about having 2 teams on the floor is that content could be duplicated. While we kept a good lid on that happening, we still got a few duplicate interviews. But the best part about that is we also got two perspectives on the same products.

Take this case – PureEnergy is a company that produces solutions for quick charging. While at , I talked to George about their mat charging systems. Andy McCaskey then talked to George at . So what do you do?

I say – run them both. Therefore, in Part I, Jeffrey Powers talks to Pure Energy about their line of power for all types of devices. Whether it be your , iPod, MP3 player, Kindle, netbook, or even a few rechargable batteries – You have a one – stop shop to connect and charge.

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