Quixey: Search Engine for Applications – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF



You have an iPhone. You want to switch to Android, but want to know what that cool beer application is on the phone before you switch. Or maybe you want to know what HTML analytic plugins are available for Google Chrome before you switch. Heck, you might even just want to set up your own application store and need a algorithm for it.

Quixey can help with that.

Quixey is the search application – application. Connecting with other app stores, Quixey can search for and tell you where to get them. Jeffrey Powers talks with Julia Lipton on how Quixey helps in the search.

Quixey is the search engine for apps. We invented a whole new type of search called “Functional Search”  specifically for apps. The goal is to enable you as a user to just search based on what you want to do. You just type in “TechCrunch” app and it will pop up any app related to .

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It’s not just about mobile apps. Browser apps, computer apps – Whatever platform you are using. Quixey is the background app that will search it.

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