RAIDON gives you Portable RAID 0 using 2 or more Notebook Drives and USB 3.0 – CES 2010


I remember seeing server farms sitting in temperature controlled rooms. I had a RAID array in my basement – 6 drives in a case weighing 80 lbs. It was loud, it ran hot and it only did 100 .

But those days are long gone. I cannot wait until I have a farm in my basement. That might be a while, but until then, here is a better solution – RAIDONs Portable RAID 0 using Notebook drives.

RAIDON has been working on storage solutions like this for a while. This is the first USB 3.0 solution. Jeffrey Powers talks to RAIDON about this great new product that is small enough to fit in your bag. Perfect for those who need a .

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