Red Touch Media Kiosks Bring Media Files, Documents to You – CES 2013

Red Touch Media at CES

Red Touch Media at

The best way I can explain this company in a – secured peer to peer media and . I sat down with Wayne Scoles to talk about Red Touch Media and what it means to you.

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Three Products on Red Touch Media (

  • Red Touch
  • Red Touch Express
  • Red Touch Connect

Red Touch Bridge

Red Touch Bridge gets rid of the paper that some companies think they need. By digitizing the paper not only can you get a document when you want it but also get it anywhere in the world. Wayne mentioned that Red Touch bridge saved a .75 million in hard costs.

Further, Red Touch Bridge creates a stats tracker to find out what the user does with the media. Did they pass through a section? Did they watch a trailer? It creates a heat for management.

Red Touch Express

Red Touch Media

Red Touch Media

Using download stations (kiosks) someone can come up to the device and download a video, song, document or whatever else they need. The idea is if you buy it you should be able to pull that content to any device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac). With a you can get the download quick and easy.

Red Touch Connect

If you stood in line of the movie kiosk waiting for someone to pick a movie you might like this. With the system you create a series of so the next person can have an easier time to pick what they like. After all – you may have downloaded Justin for the kids but don’t want a ton of suggestions in your .

You can see Red Touch Media Kiosks at Dave & Busters locations world-wide. So instead of trading in your tickets for a keychain, why not get a movie or mp3 to listen to?



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