Roku: New Roku HDMI Stick Makes Smart TVs – #CES 2012



In this world of over-the-top television, there are a lot of different choices. If your does not have a “smart” feature, you end up having to purchase a third-party solution. And with many to choose from, it’s a tough decision at times.

However, Roku is working to make that decision very straightforward. At , Roku debuted their Roku streaming stick. Ed from Roku joins Todd in showing off this little that connects up to your HDMI port on your TV.

Since the Roku stick plugs directly into the HDMI port, there is no need for extra cables, or even a power cable. Therefore, if you have your TV mounted to a wall, there are no extra ugly cables to go with it.

Further, this new Roku connects wirelessly (just like the previous versions), so you can stream your shows through your connection.

since this is a stick, there was no mention whether was available on this model. In fact, all details will be forthcoming.

of course in the Roku has over 400 channels. Everything from tech, to news, local, international, sports, fitness, live events, recorded events, and everything in between.



The Roku streaming stick will not be out until fall of 2012. The stick will run between $50 and $100 depending on its model.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast network.

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