Roku Sells 1 Million Units, What’s Next? USB Feature On!

stops and talks with Chuck from Roku about what is next. They just achieved the millionth unit milestone and Roku is working with new partners as they go.

The best news is that the USB feature is to be turned on. Along with all the other features like NHL, , UFC and more. And with Roku entering into the Consumer stores like , they expect to bring more fans to the Roku.

With the first channel – WealthTV – and a lot more, Roku is one of the leading Set Top Box providers out there. The price is the lowest of any and the channel quality is awesome. Not to mention watching the standards – and Hulu.

“We got a lot of major content partners joining Roku,” Chuck mentions. “We are also turning on the USB feature.  A lot of people have been asking about this on the top of the line products. We have a USB channel that will play the USB files. That should come out in the next couple weeks.”

Todd also mentions that Techpodcasts are going to announce new ideas at NAB. Sports content like MLB and NHL. The price is also really great starting at $59.

Todd does ask if Roku is going to partner with a television to integrate the set top box. Chuck replies with “Hard to speculate but we are obviously very pleased with the progress…”

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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