Roku Stick: Now on Available for MHL Compliant TVs – CES 2013

Roku MHL Stick

MHL Stick

Mobile High-Definition Link. That is what an MHL port is. It looks like an HDMI port but MHL does more. For example, it can power small devices like the Roku Streaming Stick. An MHL port in a MHL TV is indicated with a purple enclosure.

Roku has utilized this port to take the out of the equation. No more and the stick gets powered through the TV. You do get the power of Roku’ channels, and more through this small stick.

When , look for the “Roku compliant” or “MHL Ready” . You can then shop between those models.

Best part of Roku – Price point is still $100. It comes with remote or you can use the Roku app to change channels.


TPN Interview by Andy of


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