Rotolight RL48 – 140 Degrees of Light with Filters – NAB 2014

Since I create “Gun and Run” interviews, I have no time to figure out if the is perfect. Sometimes it comes back to bite me – all for the 3 minute video at trade shows. I stopped by Rotolight to find out about not only their portable solutions but also their production studio . I walked away with a new found knowledge and what the RL48 Rotolight can do for me.

I found out that most lights with a dimmer have to include an anti-flicker option. If the circuitry is bad then you could get a bad result in video. The extra circuitry can also take up more battery life to dim your light.

Rotolight is a simple light that takes only 3 batteries and has one switch – on and off. Inside the Rotolight is a series of filters that dim and fix color issues in whatever room you enter. Simply place the in and turn the light on.

Another issue I found – certain systems would focus the light in one direction. Therefore, the faces would get washed out while the rest of the surroundings stayed dark. The RL48 sends light at 140 degrees. The result – a whole area gets the same amount of light for a better looking picture or video.

The RL48 is lightweight and smaller than most lights. You can place it on the shoe, attach to an extension arm, or just hold the light with your hand. You can even remove the holder and slide the light over a boom microphone for a compact setup.

Rotolight comes with light, filters, clamp, and shoe attachment is around $200. For $300 you can get two lights (perfect for darker rooms or a backup light). Get Rotolight RL48 here. More lighting products at


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