Seagate Introduces Black Armor – USB 3.0 – CES 2010

Last year they announced the USB 3.0 specification. Compared to Firewire and eSATA, the USB 3.0 specification will really make your computing experience a lot better.

Black Armor

asked us to come in and check out the Black Armor PS110 portable drive – a 500 GB drive with PC card to run at it’s best speeds. It will allow data transfer 10 times better than before. Unfortunately, computer process can not meet the speed of the drive, but 3x faster is just as good.

The only to the drive is the USB 3.0 card that is used for transfer needs a .0 port to power. A small limitation for fast speeds. However, if you have a home theater system, this device will push those movies without problem. Plus, it’s a great way to backup your drive.

In this video, talks to John from Seagate about this great device.

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