Sennheiser – HD700 Headphones – CES 2012


Sennheiser HD700

Nick from F5 talked with Eric Palonen from Sennheiser to talk about some new products. The HD700 brings a brand new sound. This has a wide soundstage, because the transducers come in at an angle.

The HD700 also has a ventilated magnet system. This channels air pressure so you don’t get turbulence in your ears. That means the headphones will not create any type of obstruction, so the speakers can work more freely to give you the best quality sound. is crystal clear, unadulterated sound.

Finally, the HD700 has a Vibration damping frame. It will reduce the vibration from one transducer to another. Pure sound all the way through.

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This is for critical listening – and recording agents. Anyone that is looking for those subtle nuances to create their .

The HD700 headphones are not cheap, though. Prices start at $1,500 a set. However, if you need a high-quality sound, then the HD700 is what you need. The Snnheiser HD25 is a more affordable $350, and doubles as a smartphone headset. Eric also talked about the HD800, which is even better quality for larger ear cavities.

Interview by Nicholas of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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