SMB Madison 4-20-11: Lance Ratze, Yola’s Cafe



The second half of the Social House – Madison had Lance Ratze on stage. Lance is from Yola’s Cafe, a coffee on the west side of Madison (and the third one in that ). The was great, but since this is the third shop to dawn the storefront, how do you get customers in?

Lance talks about his experience with programs like Groupon and the new Places. He goes over how his Facebook advertising has helped the store grow. Even the personal touch – MC Wendy Soucie talked about how Lance has made her visits more personable.

Social Media Breakfast is a non-profit organization with focus on educating people on . More than just social networking, it’s a (usually around 7:30 am) to talk about how you can increase business using different social means.

The video was shot , which doesn’t always make for best picture.


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