Social Media Clubhouse Walkthrough – @blogworld

During & New , the Social Media Club hosted another Clubhouse. Just like SXSW, the club had guest VJ’s and hosted events during the weekend.

I arrived on Friday to the house with Mike and Marc Chambers of the FM show. The house was closed up and the cab just left. We were a bit concerned being off the strip, but then the bus showed up. A party came through.

We walked through the house, which was pretty impressive. The house had 3 hot tubs, a waterslide, wade pool, and more. While the main house looked small, the other buildings on the premesis made for a spacious house with privacy if needed.

I spent some time in the game room with Jim and Coleen Kelly, along with Mike Rotman, producer of the show. We had a great conversation about putting together a studio on a limited budget.

It was a great night of and conversation. The following video is the walkthrough of the house.

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