Sonicwalk Lets You Wear the Boombox as a Vest with the Sound Walk – CES 2010


If only John Cusak had this product in the movie Say Anything. It might even be the replacement for the TechPodcasts Crew next year. It’s a portable , it’s a and it’s a fully functional vest for your media.

sonicwalk2Jeffrey Powers talks with Jenny about this great product in the Sound Walk by Sonicwalk. If you are a Powerwalker, Snowboarder, Skate boarder or whatever, the user will be able to listen to without having the or fall out. The 2 Watt speakers are waterproof and the battery is rechargable and runs 15-20 hours. If you get the additional backpack, you will get additional for ID and , and also a spot for hydration pouches.

The prices will be reasonable: $105 for the vest, or $145 with the backpack. Hands free media for your adventure.

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