Sony Comes out with Personal Internet Viewer in the Sony Dash – CES 2010


A couple years ago we saw stand alone items like the Chumby at CES where you can have an internet portal by your bed, next to a or in the kitchen. The item would display photos, show video and get email. Well has really stepped up the game this year with a great product in the Sony Dash.


talks with Ali from Sony about this Personal Internet Viewer. With over 1,500 and Wi- connection, it really gives you the content you want. As long as there is a wireless signal, you will be able to get sports scores, , or whatever you desire.

The Sony Dash is planned to be out by April at a price point of $199. It’s a 7″ touchscreen with USB 2.0 . You will also be able to connect to Sony Styles to get .

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