Sony Has New Google TV Blu-Ray, Set Top Box – CES 2012



Sony is coming out with the of set top boxes. Of course, Sony was the first to market with GoogleTV. The new media player and Blu-Ray player are being introduced.

The simplified has a on the front, with the . On the back side, there is a full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is only active when facing upwards. That way, you don’t accidentally hit a button.

“It all comes down to getting your content” Said Bill. “You’ve always had that content from your cable or satellite provider and from your disc media. But you also have that content people are looking for from or on the internet. What this does is bring all of that into one organized area. So you don’t have to switch between devices.”

Sony focuses on separate boxes because consumers already purchased a TV. It’s easier to purchase a Blu-Ray player or set top box. It also has pass-through HDMI – you can plug another HDMI device into the Sony box.

The Blu-Ray player and Networked Media player are expected to be released sometime in the or early summer.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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