Spracht Wins 3 CES Awards with Aura SoHo, Aura BlueNote and Aura EQ Headset – CES 2010


Spracht is German: ” To Speak” .  It’s apropriate because Spracht is speaking loud. 3 this year alone. Back in 2008, they won 2 – This means they are not going away any time soon.

So what are these three devices? Well the Aura , Aura BlueNote and Aura Headset. Well go last – first. The Headset is a that can double as a listening device. The BlueNote is a portable for any and the is a new version of their Speakerphones.

In this video, talks with Margie on all three products. The EQ headset is not out yet, but the Soho is at $279 and the BlueNote is $99. Very affordable for a wireless and portable speaker.

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