StickNFind: Bluetooth ID Tagging System – CES2013


SticknFInd logoIt’s just about unheard of for a crowdfunding project on IndyGoGo to increase 10 TIMES the – however StickNFind has actually set the record with thousands of thrilled people hanging around to obtain their hands on the item. It’s easy to see why.

The system is founded on a app that takes a “” style radar view for any item that has a Stick N Locate tag fastened to it, and as you acquire closer and closer to the item. The system is Bluetooth based, providing an of a couple of hundred feet – yet the smart could adjust to a lot of use circumstances.

If a pet dog or kid goes out of the range, it can promptly set an . If a things comes into range (for instance, on an carousel) an can easily seem. Plus, numerous tags can be observed by the same system. We were so amazed with this item that we gave it the highest honor – the Finest of Show for CES2013. (

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TPN Interview by Andy , SDRNews and Jaime Davis, The MedicCast Podmedic.

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