Sukhjit Ghag Talks Sony Tablet S , Sony T-Shirts

While at the TWiT brick house, I got some wonderful surprises. Not only did we get to see a great panel for This Week in Tech, I also ran into a good friend, Sukhjit Ghag from Sony. She was up here to show off the new Sony Tablet S.

The Sony S is a running the NVidia Tegra 2 processor. Using the Honeycomb processor, this tablet’s advantage is it’s interesting shape; where the tablet is folded like a magazine.

Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S

By doing this, the 1 lb 5 oz weight dispersion is toward the palm, therefore holds a little better. Unlike other tablets, where the first joints of your fingers might start to feel the weight, this tablet conforms and is more comfortable.

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The Tablet S also has a  Micro USB port, 5 MP camera (with VGA front camera), bluetooth, and IR ports – So you can use it like a remote control to your TV or other device (Universal Remote software included).

The Sony Tablet S is also the first Playstation certified Tablet. You get 3 games with it, including Crash Bandicoat.

talks to Sukhjit about the Sony T-Shirts. It was a design that Sukhjit helped create to really show off the functionality of the Tablet. Jeffrey came in and we talked about the tablet itself.

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