Swissvoice: ePure Land Line VoIP, iPhone, Android Dock – CES 2012



Company Swissvoice has been around in Switzerland since 1893. They are bringing some of that technology to the US with the ePure. It’s a series of phones – a land-line version, but also a and Android version.

The iPhone dock phone lets you put your phone in to charge, but then you can use the to answer . If you turn the receiver on the side, you can use it as a bluetooth speaker.

The ePure also has a multi-phone solution. This is for your Android phone, or another . Once again, you can use the receiver as a cordless phone, or when set on their side.

We finally looked at another device that you connect up to your , it then will push the call to multiple lines. If you don’t pick up the land line, it rings the . Swissvoice has a . Your , your iPhone and other devices can manage calls.

These products are planning to hit the US by July. The station is $99, the iPhone ePure will be $199, multi ePure will be $150. The cordless ePhone is $99.



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