Switch Lighting: LED Light that can go Upside Down – CES 2013 Live

Switched Lighting LED bulb

Switch Lighting LED bulb

Switch Lighting has been working with LED lighting for years. At TPN Gary shows us a that can be used upside down (which other cannot do for they can be a ). These are liquid cooled with silicone. (switchlightingco.com)

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Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5

Full Transcript

Alright, so we have Gary Rosenfeld, field, Rosenfield the vice president of marketing with switch lighting. So .
Gary: Thank you, glad to be here.
Jeff: How’s your time here at CES?
Gary: It’s been exciting because we won an award for one of our newest light bulbs.
Scott: Nice.
Jeff: Oh, congratulations.
Gary: We make led light bulbs to replace the traditional lead that is in light bulbs.
Jeff: Sure.

Switch Lighting Gary Rosenfield

Switch Lighting Gary Rosenfield

Gary: That have been around for 100 years and what’s unique about ours is we have a liquid cooled . These bulbs are completely filled with and the reason for that is that they do a remarkable job keeping the led’s cool and also help to distribute the light more properly. So we’ve got a patented solution for providing a that does everything that it needs. Yes it does. It has the same kind of full warm light distribution, it’s dimmable, it lasts 25 years, it also can be used in all kinds of applications that many of these competitive light bulbs cannot be used in. Because we do such a great job of keeping it cool we can use them inside enclosed fixtures where many other companies cannot. We can use the upside down and sideways and all kinds of that other companies cannot.
Jeff: You can’t use a led light bulb?
Gary: Not all of them. Many other companies, because they do not have efficient cooling the driver, the gets very overheated and it could derogate the life or the performance.
Jeff: Oh, I never thought of that.
Gary: So we have really unique solution to that. We have the product on the market now, it’s been selling very well for the last few months. The company is based in California and it’s a very well-funded startup and we’re excited.
Jeff: It is a little bit heavier than a standard.

Gary: Right. It’s about the same weight as if you’re familiar with a par lamp or par bulb that’s used in recess. This can be used in a recessed. It can be used in many of the other, vast majority of fixtures that will hold incandescent. Very few we find are affected by the weight. We have very broad usage. This company is now launching a 3 way. This is a 3 way which won the award here for the innovation award. We’re the only company on the market or will be the only company on the market with a 3 way led bulb. If you’re familiar with 3 ways, there are 3 settings on a table lamp and no one has done that yet.
Jeff: Yeah, that’s the thing. A lot of people put a bulb, a non 3 way bulb, into a lamp that does three settings which is a fire hazard.
Gary: Right.
Jeff: But they still do it anyway because you want to have that three setting light and that’s pretty cool. Now, is this also recyclable? When you get to that point?
Gary: When you get to that point in 25 years, there’s nothing in here that isn’t recyclable. We’re very conscious about our social responsibility in that way all that way up to the manufacturing process.
Scott: Fantastic.

Switch Lighting at CES

Switch Lighting at CES

Gary: So, it’s a fully recyclable product but then again it’s going to last a long, long time. 25,000 hours is expected on this. Again, this 3 way is something that we have such broad patents around that we don’t think there will be another company that could make something like this.
Scott: So, you won an award is it one the innovation awards? Which category?
Gary: It’s one of the main, for the design and engineering. It’s one of the top awards at the show here and it’s highlighted in this hall.
Scott: Cool. One of our hosts was the innovation judges so it’s always fun to stumble across.
Jeff: So, how do people get this bulb?
Gary: We’re getting it out into many types of distribution. We’re selling into some specialty retailers, we’re selling through internet retailers, we’re selling through commercial distribution because a lot of this is going into hotels and restaurants and schools and assisted living facilities and places like that.
Jeff: Sure.
Gary: We even sell it to farms. It’s really broadly distributed. It’s not in the major big box retailers yet, we’re going to be introducing a bulb later this year that will be more price positioned for that market. This bulb and these bulbs that we have in our line whether they’re 40 or 60 watt equivalent, 75 watt equivalent, and we also are going to have a 100 watt equivalent.
Jeff: Okay.
Gary: Those all range from 40 to $60 end user pricing, retail pricing in other words.
Jeff: Okay.
Gary: So they are at the premium price but there’s no compromises with it. You can do whatever you can do with it. You can’t miss it.
Jeff: Alright, where do people go for more information?
Gary: It’s our website which is switchlightingco.com
Jeff: Okay.
Gary: You can find out where to buy the product and all the specifications and anything else you want to know.
Jeff: Alright, switchlightingco.com. Thank you very much for your time.
Gary: Appreciate it, thank you.
Gary: Have a good show.
Scott: You too.

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