Tab Safe Dispenses Medicine When Needed

Tab Safe

Tab Safe

You may have a loved one that takes multiple pills during the day. There may be more than one in the house. That is where Tab Safe comes in. To monitor and give the right dosage to at the right time.

There are many reasons to have Tab Safe. It dispenses to begin with. It also is a monitor system so a doctor or loved one can help out when needed. Tab Safe is modular, so if you have multiple prescriptions, more dispensing can be added.

Tab Safe controls excess usage. They used Tic-Tacs to show how it dispenses. If you can set up an alarm clock, you can set up Tab Safe. If not, that’s OK. It connects through the internet to find out what medications are dispensed when.

Even the voice on Tab Safe is customizable, so a loved one can say “Mom, it’s time to take your pills”.

Tab Safe is available for $1099, with $10 a month reporting. However, they also rent out the system for $50 / month.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien

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