Take Your Kindle In the Bathtub using the M-Edge Guardian Waterproof Case – CES 2010


When was talking to Devin about M-Edge, I sat there wondering why you would want to bring a Kindle in the tub. But as I listened I realized how much the M-Edge is needed for the Kindle. It’s more than just the Bathroom for this device. If you are on a boat and want to read a story, this will protect your Kindle from getting splashed by water. If it does fall in, the M-Edge floats your Kindle to the top so you can scoop it out and continue reading.

M-Edge has a whole host of cases and bags for your , Reader or PRS-700, and coming soon – all your case needs for your . Whether the iPad will get the Guardian for waterproof use – only time will tell. But it now makes more sense to bring an E-Reader in the with you.

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