The Cable Clamp Saved Rob Blatt Now with the CableClic – CES 2010


Apparently I missed the bombardment of the CableClamp from Worldwide, but it was a good thing that happened. Halfway through the hall, Rob’s bag strap broke at the metal clasp. He instantly grabbed a couple of the clamps and patched his bag back together. I guess another good use of the Cable Clamp…

I have actually had the large clamps for a few years. They hold together some of the big wires I have in my rigs where doesn’t quite cut it. They also work great for suspending a wire up on a .

Well, CableClamp has a new “small” version in the CableClic. With a new clasp system, they can make the clamp smaller so you can organize or hold groups of wires. talks with Mark on the Cable Clamp and CableClic. Under $10 you will have a plethora of clamps that are “Forever reusable”.

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