The Hovercam lets you scan documents and Business Cards at CES 2010


If you get a lot of , you might want to take a look at this. It’s a scanner that really is a camera which takes a picture at 600 dpi. Both the document scanner and the business card scanner fold down to be portable, but then you open them up and get your information scanned.

The HoverCam is a full document and business card scanner. With their software, you can collect and organize the documents. Best part – the software is FREE. You don’t even need the scanner. Just download off their site. It works with AIR 2.0, so as long as you have a computer that can run AIR, you are good to go.

Jeffrey Powers talks with Gene on the HoverCam and how it can turn all your documents into nothing. The business card scanner is not available until later this year, but with the $80 , it will be a quick addition. The Document scanner comes in 2 – 2 for $139 and 5 for $199.

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