The Magic Kitchen: Energy Management with no Mouse, Keyboard by 2022 in CABA – CES 2010


Imagine the Smart Kitchen. A kitchen that can recognize you and know it’s morning so it can display traffic or . The spouse would walk in and get another traffic update simply because they take a different route than you. One that would then give you content that you need.

That is where the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) comes in. It’s is an industry consortium of manufacturers – Tyco, , – envisioning the “Magic Kitchen”; where the kitchen might be ten to twelve years from now.

Andy McCaskey talks with CABA about the Magic Kitchen. The idea is simple: No mouse or keyboard. No or on the counter where food could get spilled on it. Webcams to recognize who you are and projection keyboards to work like a .

Everyone uses the kitchen and everyone uses the kitchen differently. IP based system using gesture to interact. Webpage system that will give you multitudes of information. Need a new recipe? Search the web for great ideas, video on how to make it and ingredient lists.

Truely a Magic Kitchen.

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