The MiLi Pro is a Mini Projector for your iPhone or Any Other AV Device – CES 2010


Of course we all now know that you can get a that will fit in your pocket. But do you have one that looks like a Phaser? Do you have one that will turn your or into a fully functional projection device?

The MiLi Pro from Phonesuit can do just that. It flips open to expose the cradle. You would then insert your device and push out what you need to show.  It is compatible with iPhone 2G, and 3GS, as well as iPod Touch and iPod Classic. It can create a 10 , 480p OCLS 3 light display 5-70 inches with 40″ optimization. The MiLi Pro takes appx 3 hours to full charge and the lamp has a 20,000 .

Scott talks with Ed about the MiLi Pro – their first product out of the battery charging field. The device also has a VGA input and AV out so you can use any other device. For $399 you will get a great portable projector, charger cables and remote.

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