The WavIT from ThinkOptics Turns Your iPod, iPhone Into a Fully Functional Remote Control – CES 2010


Editors Note: I would love to point to the website right now of ThinkOptics and the Wavit, but for the last few days it’s been reporting a on the site. Therefore, no links will be given at this time.

When I scanned through North Hall, I found a lot of cool new products out there. This one was the most impressive. Not only could it turn your or into a presentation remote, it could also turn it into a fully functional remote control.

The device is called WavIT from ThinkOptics. They have made presentation devices before, but this one you can plug your Apple device in and use it as a presentation device. Use the pointer, draw on the screen or flip through a Powerpoint.

But the more impressive item was it could turn into a fully functional universal remote control. You can download profiles for most for your TV, Stereo, DVD, DVR or other device through their website. Don’t see the remote on there? That’s O.K. You can also make your own remote by taking a picture and setting hotspots.

Jeffrey Powers talks with Anders about this great product. It can control a Mac, PC, , XBox or Linux box by plugging in the . No software is installed. There is even a for Window 7 – All for $80. Not a bad pricepoint.

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