Thinkware FXD700: A DVR for Your Car – CES 2013

Thinkware's in-car DVR system

’s in-car DVR system

Imagine a camera in your car with a DVR system. You can use it for sight seeing, accident awareness, making sure junior doesn’t speed and more. Thinkware has come out with the FXD700 – a device recorder that picks up , speed and starts recording upon motion. Therefore its also a theft recording device.

Thinkware FXD700 can continuously record up to 8 hours on 8 GB card (Add a 32 GB to get longer recordings). FXD700 has a 140 lens and records in 1080p. The FXD attaches to the 12+ in your car and can shut off to not drain battery. (



Video by Scott of F5 Live.

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