Trojan Pulse, Tri-Phoria – CES 2013

Trojan Tri-phoria

Trojan Tri-

So you ask yourself, “How did Trojan get into ?” Healthy technology comes in all . We saw pedometers that attach to iPhones, forks that help you eat slower and even products that extend your life. Pleasuring a partner is also a healthy thing to do not only physically but also emotionally. Therefore, Trojan is here to not only help live healthier lives but also show off some of their .

Remember – these devices were considered for back in the 1900’s. They are no different than any other that releases .


Trojan Tri-phoria

With 3 different tips, the tri-phoria is a great way to give variety. 8 that takes a -A battery and also comes with a . Flicker, stimulating and dome tips. $39.95

Trojan Pulse

The pulse is meant for travel. Stick it in your bag for long extended trips. $24.95

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