Vidtonic lets you Build Your own TV, Android OS, Applications



Jeff Cody and Matt Miller join Todd for the Live coverage. They are the of Vidtonic – a company that lets you build your .

Yes, we said build your own TV.

Not only would you build your own TV, it’s also a build your own OTT TV. With Android platform, you can build a 22 inch through 42 inch television. With a TI A4, you can run 1080p screen without fail.

This is for the ultimate Geek. Just like in the days of building your own , building your own PC, or even the crystal radio kit, this you can start from and build it your way.

They will come with instructions to follow, however you do what you need to. If you want 1 port or 20, design and build.

This is not ready for purchase yet – Vidtonic is a concept idea. However, you can go to the website and get notified when the ball gets rolling. Then go build your own TV with Android OS.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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