Viewbix: Make Video More Interactive – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011



Sometimes, the toughest part of a video in getting interaction. If a person has something to do while watching the , they could stay on a longer. That is what Viewbix is all about – making the watching experience more interactive.

Not only can they watch your video, but also check out your Twitter stream. You can also check out the other videos in the series. Maybe you can give them a special coupon offer on a product. Johnathan Stefansky explains:

Viewbix is an amazing technology. You can take existing videos, add apps to them. What that does is makes your videos interactive and and actionable. You can share that experience on Facebook, Twitter, iPads, iPhones. What it does it is it really helps SMBs themselves take their videos actionable and help drive their business.

Call to and engagement. Those are the two things you want to do when people are consuming your video. It also puts your information right at the fingertips – a Full call to action. When people share the content, they share everything.

More than 20% click on the call to action, more than 40% click on the .

Want to see Viewbix in action?

If you are on right now, look below. The enclosed video is in a Viewbix box.

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