Viewsonic Shows ViewPad 7 Tablet, ViewPad 4, 3D Camera

VPad 7

VPad 7

Adam Hanin joined Todd at the Live CES coverage. Adam is from Viewsonic – Todd actually talked to him about the Integrated Boxee in ViewSonic TV’s earlier. However, Adam came back with a Tablet called ViewPad 7. It’s a seven inch tablet that has all the regular features – Dual , Android, etc.

However, this device has a SIM card, so you can use certain to get .

Adam also showed the ViewPad 4 with the Qualcom and the Pocket, which does video and .

ViewPad 4 will be out in June. The 3D camera is $149. The VPad 7 is $429 unlocked and the VPad 4 is available soon.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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