Viper Smartstart lets you Remote Start your car miles away from iPhone, Blackberry – CES 2010


I would have loved this for the last week in -5 . You know, if you have a remote start it’s nice, but sometimes you have to do some weird things to get that beam to the car so it knows when to start. But what if that wasn’t an issue? What if you could use – say your – to remote start your car?

Well that is what Smartstart did. They have a system that lets you remote start your car using your iPhone – and also devices. Android option is just around the corner. With the application, you can get 2 way , Vehicle personalization, App Passcode and much more.

In this interview, talks with Ken about this great product that can start your car from miles away. If you have a Viper Remote Start in your car already, you might be able to get the module added on. You will then be able to start the car, lock and unlock doors, release the trunk and a lot more.

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