Vivitek Projectors: Qumi Q5 Projectors with 500 Lumens – CES 2012



Jon talked with Christopher Yang from Vivitek. They have the Qumi on display.

The next generation is the Q5. This is a with up to 500 , resolution and projection up to a 90 inch screen. This Qumi projector line has twice the amount of brightness as the original, projects at 720p, and is a full entertainment projector.

Plug in a console or , the Qumi can help share information. It is 3D ready, and can produce 30,000 hours of burn time.

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With LED technology inside, it has brighter color. Therefore, watching a will look better than before.

Vivitek Qumi at

The Vivitek Qumi projectors can be used in-home or by a business professionals for presentations. You can get a in the video, posted below, as well as checking out the Vivitek website.

Some of these projectors are portable: Charge up the device, then use on the go. That way, you won’t need a to show a power point presentation, or watch a movie.

Interview by Jon Wurm of F5 Live.

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