Vocalbooth – Portable Soundproof Rooms – NAB 2014

There are many times I wish I had one of these. Not just for podcasting but for playing my drums or rocking out on my guitar.

I stopped by Vocalbooth to learn more about booth technology. Its more than just putting up some eggshell foam into a room. I talked with Guy from Vocalbooth to learn more about these you can put inside a room.

The booth is made by the company where they put attention to detail. For instance: the door is probably the heaviest piece in the system but it also is the place where sound can escape or come in. During the I step out and in to show the difference. If the door was shut – you would definitely notice the sound difference.

Vocalbooth makes rooms for everyone – including correctional facilities. They become a conference room for their lawyers or visitors from outside. Other stories range from basement makeovers to one musician that had a booth installed on their RV.

There are many more products at Vocalbooth.com including enclosures for amps, computers, or any device that would make noise. They also offer a mobile solution – decked out trailers and multi-room RVs for audio or video recording.

Prices for a simple booth start at $4,000.


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