Vuzix M100 Smart Glass for Industrial, Medical, Personal Use



Obviously, I own . Vuzix has their very own wearable modern technology in the Smart Glass. I had to see exactly what their glass was different from mine.

Vuzix has been around for years with . Their is a you can use to watch video and not disturb people around you. So when they got into the Glass market, it was a perfect fit.

Tailored toward commercial or business usage, the M100 snaps into a pair of security eye protections so you could use them and remain safeguarded. The M100 is an Android based wearable that can track occasions, check product, take photos and video, manage calendars, and much more.

The M100 also works for personal use. Attach to a pair of glasses and you can use it like any bluetooth headset, adding photo and video support.


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