WallE5 V.2 – Camera Rig for NAB 2014

Walle5 Camera rig


When I go to most shows, I fly solo. CES and NAB are bigger, which means its a lot better when 2 people are there. But this year to fly solo to the event. It will make things a bit tougher, especially if there is an inattentive patron that could possibly walk right into the camera rig.

So I have to make a rig where people notice it as much as the cool new items around.

Introducing #WallE5 v.2

Thanks to the modern tools to make cool clamps and other items, I can take a and affix multiple cameras, audio, lights, and more to it. With the addition of the cross-bar and placing 2 cameras on the shoe, people stated it looked like Wall-e or Johnny 5. Therefore, Walle5 was born!

I debuted Walle5 at SXSW with a couple interviews. Since then, I have found some new items which will allow me to affix 3 cameras on the rig. With this, I am able to get an overall shot, and close-ups of me and the guest.

This also means extra work on post-production, but it’s well worth it if I can get a multi-camera feel to these interviews. Of course, not all interviews will be 3-camera shoots (depending on how much time we have to record). But I am hoping to get a couple of cool interviews from this rig.

Best part, Walle5 only weighs 11 lbs! (I think I said 30 on the video)

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The Camera Rig:

All items can be found here (discontinued items will have their replacements shown)

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