Winners of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 Hackathon: LiveBolt

Not only are the guys from LiveBolt people I know, they’re also from my hometown of Madison, WI. Known as “Snowshoe” the guys re-developed their check-in fab idea to become a virtual key for a door. This could be a system to let someone in the house, or maybe a hotel key system.

The authorized smartphone would load an app, then place it on the dongle at the door. This would cause the door to authorize and unlock.

LiveBolt was part of the new hardware addition they created for this year’s hackathon. Many different hardware vendors presented today, including one that poured margaritas when you asked Siri to.

It was a great time with over 150 hacks presenting every 60 seconds. Lots of new hackers that could turn their ideas into companies.

Congrats to the runners up: Auctopus and Heatdata.

Livebolt backstage

Livebolt backstage


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