Zopaf Salary Negotiation Calculator App – Disrupt 2014



I remember the first job where I had to negotiate the salary. I was too green to understand how the product worked. If I would have had the Zopaf Salary app, I could have gone into the negotiations and possibly have received more.

Zopaf app is currently for iOS. The app uses multiple input options to create a graph of where you should be in your negotiations. For example: a Sales representative might have to consider vehicle costs  if no company car is provided.

This app also takes out any emotion. If you calculate your costs and they are more than the salary, do you accept the job? If you can walk into a negotiation and state where your costs are, you might just get what you are asking for. You might also decide the job is not worth it and walk away from the table.

Zopaf is a free app you can download. An Android app is on the way. Check out more at Zopaf.com


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