Geekazine Live Streaming for Your Event!

Geekazine Live

Geekazine Live

Geekazine is available to live stream your coffee talks, theater sessions, and other live events! Complete with your branding, going to your social channels! You can also go through as a co-branded event to gain more exposure.

About Geekazine Live

Geekazine has been live streaming events since 2009. From a simple one camera shot, to the ability to capture up to 8 or more cameras, along with desktop or iPad capture at high frame rates.

We can connect audio – from Lav microphones to stage boundary microphones, and even connecting to room P.A. systems – to capture the emotion of the full event.

We have options for lighting small rooms, and can coordinate with other parties for larger lighting and audio projects.

Live Stream Connections

Software and Hardware is available to connect to your YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Livestream, Twitch, uStream, Wowza, Dailymotion, RTMP source, and many other services. Depending on bandwidth, we can also stream to multiple services in full 1080p 60fps or 4k.

  • Standard cameras to capture the room
  • PTZ cameras to allow for mobility of the speaker
  • Wireless cameras – great for overall shots, and putting cameras in tight areas
  • GoPro cameras – for close up shots, and shots in tight areas
  • Computer Desktop Capture – even if you connect to a TV or projector
  • iOS capture – for your iPad, or even iPhone
  • Pre-produced clips – Perfect for breaks, or what is known as “Dead Air”
  • Chat, Slack, or another social network – We can easily bring in these social channels for Q&A sessions.

External Display Options

If you have Projection screens, overflow rooms, or want to send to an external monitor in another area, Geekazine Live Streaming supports this ability.

Record Events for Post-Processing

Sometimes, you want to have your event recorded first, then post-produced for publication later. That is perfectly OK. We can do that just as easy. We can even record the event, then turn around and livestream the recording.

We Come to You!

Most live stream events don’t even come from our little corner of the world! Geekazine has created content Internationally for individuals, to Fortune 100 companies.

Build Days, Tech Talks

Geekazine has partnered with vBrownBag to create some great Enterprise Technical education events. We have created some great content for IT Professionals to use and learn from!

Pricing Your Event

Of course, this will change depending on the need, but Geekazine Live Streaming will work with your budget to get you what you need. We can also provide hosts and emcees to moderate and keep the flow of the event going.