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Product Reviews

Product Review Policy:

Updated 10-08-2022

Geekazine loves to review all items tech-related, along with interviewing companies. We can do a simple or complex interview with you, or a complete test of a products. Videos will be given without bias of the product or company.

Will you be at CES or another conference? Sponsor Geekazine to be there!

Geekazine is a small shop of influencers: 

We review products as they come in. With new methods of video and post delivery, your product could be anywhere from a social post (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), to a video short (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels), or even a full unbox, review video, or a long form video with 300 word blog post or better.

Your review can take up to 30 days or more from first-open 

before content is created as the item is tested in multiple aspects for a good understanding of the product. Depending on other projects, we might not get to a review right away. Only exception is if the product is on a “First look”, which will be live streamed to an audience.

We would love to spend a week diving into your product, but have limited time to review. This is anything over an hour. If Geekazine has issues with the unbox (product not what was stated on specs sheet), setup (connection issues, power issues, etc), or anything to the like, your review could get delayed or halted altogether.

Defective products or products that don’t work as claimed

could get pulled from review at any time. We will contact you if any problems to try and resolve, as these things do happen. Of course, any product that could become dangerous for use will be disposed of properly, and reported to appropriate groups.

Sponsored posts will not be reimbursed if this happens. Because we’ve put in the time, payment will be expected.

All content will be posted to Geekazine properties for the lifespan of the channel, or product (whichever comes first). By agreeing to send product to review, the company can link to the posts and videos, but has no ownership rights to the video. If you want a copy for redistribution, please see Sponsored Reviews: Ownership.

Products will not be returned

unless either first agreed upon (See Sponsored review), or if the product is defective. You are responsible for covering return packaging and shipping costs.

If you want us to spend more time on covering your product(s), then look at a Sponsored Review.

Geekazine will adhere to any Embargo date and Non Disclosure Agreements as long as they are officially disclosed. If a product is leaked ahead of time by another organization, we will not post until the company gives the OK to do so.

Review Types

No Sponsor Reviews (a.k.a. Free Reviews)

This is a great way to get a quick shout-out. Send your product, and we will put into the queue to check out. **See above on policy guidelines.

These reviews could be bumped for a more important or sponsored review.

We do not adhere to posting timeframes on these products.

No Sponsor Reviews may also be limited to quick shorts, Amazon Shoppable Videos, and might not get a full website/youtube review.

No Sponsor Interviews

We will set up a 30 minute spot for a 15 minute interview. This will be a “Non-edited” video, meaning unless we have a technical difficulty, or if a question needs to be edited or removed, will air just as it was recorded. This interview also may be streamed live.

Geekazine Does NOT Do PayPal Refund (or Pre-Purchase) Product Reviews

This is where a vendor contacts us to say they have a product they want reviewed. They ask us to buy it, and they will refund the purchase price.

If you would like me to review a product, I am happy to do so if you send it. Any U.S. based storefront (including Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, etc) has the ability for vendors to allocate stock to send to reviewers without having them to pay for the product first.

Product must be sent directly to the address indicated in an email, without compensation. If a return is needed, seller must have the return package information in the box.

Keep in mind, Geekazine does Sponsored Reviews, which you can use Paypal for. Please see “Sponsored Reviews”.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Review is defined as a company that will pay for the post or review. Free product is not considered sponsored review, unless agreed upon beforehand.

Sponsored content will be marked as such. They may undergo “First review” by the company, in which they have 24 hours to view and make corrections only. This does not sway the opinions stated in the review. Once a video is posted, it is considered complete. For pricing, Read the Rate Card. We do accept Paypal for sponsored reviews.

Sponsored Review Tiers

If a company pays for time/promotion, the product will be treated

  • General Sponsor: Product will advance in queue above non-sponsored content. A budget will be set for promotion.
  • Gold Sponsor: Product will advance in que above General Sponsor, budget set for promotion, and vendor has the right to review
  • Titanium Sponsor: Product advances in queue above Gold, promotion budget, vendor review, and a copy will be available for possible future projects.

Review with possible Giveaway

We like this option a lot – you agree to supply a model to give away to the audience. These campaigns can yield some great returns.

The giveaway model is NOT the model that is reviewed. Your company would be responsible for sending the product to the winner in a timely manner.

Products follow the main guidelines of the review. Giveaways will also include a minimum 1-year support warranty to the winner.

Giveaways follow all GDPR and COPPA rules. The company will only get the winner’s details – all other communication happens via Geekazine.

A cash or credit alternate can be substituted if the winner doesn’t meet requirements if the company chooses to do so (mentioned in advance).

Amazon Live, Amazon Shoppable Videos

Geekazine is an affiliated partner with Amazon. Shoppable videos, shoppable photos, and Amazon Live events are possible. Dedicated live streams to your products could bring a great return on investment to your product or company.

These sponsored videos or livestreams also fall under Amazon TOS guidelines.

Sponsored Interviews

A sponsored interview can be anything from a one-on-one discussion, to a Zoom panel, a “First look” at a product, and more. Most sponsored interviews will take an hour, with the end result of up to a 30 minute video. Multiple interviews and longer recordings are also possible.

Videos will be edited and produced to a point (depending on participant’s audio/video/internet). We highly recommend having a HR/PR person watching the recording to interrupt the video for any corrections needed.

Reviews for Commissions (or Affiliates)

It’s great you have set up your own program. But keeping track of all those one-off systems is not why we do this. We look for long-term relationships that don’t change codes (or affiliate companies) every 90 days.

Geekazine’s Primary Affiliate is Amazon. Please see above for more information on this.

Geekazine uses Skimlinks and GeniusLink to parse codes. We do this so people have a choice of where to buy. It also allows us to corral all affiliates into one container.

Consider including GeniusLink to control your codes, or work with a company like the ones mentioned above

Ownership of Content (Spokesperson of Your Product)

Geekazine can record and produce content for your brand in many ways. In the end (and the right sponsorship), you could own the final video. It can be posted on Geekazine, or you could post on your channels only. This would be set up as an annual contract.

Videos can include product unboxings and setup, how-to videos, in-person or virtual interviews, and more.

Being a spokesperson also allows Geekazine to showcase your product in another video for a period of time.

Right Not to Release

Geekazine reserves the right to not release a product review for products that:

  • Have been known to harm consumers
  • Promote any gaming, tobacco, or adult site or content
  • The product has been discontinued prematurely
  • It does not fit the Geekazine brand (I don’t do makeup reviews, for example, unless it has a tech aspect to it)
  • Other reasons

Geekazine will make the final decision and contact the company stating why the product did not get reviewed or posted. Free product will be returned in some cases, and will require the company to send paid return shipping information.

Products that can harm people or the environment will be disposed of properly, and authorities will be notified.

Sponsorship monies passed through might not be refundable if time and effort had been put in to make the content, or if the product causes harm to the reviewer.

Negative Reviews, Not Ready for Release:

Geekazine chooses not to release any review that has an overall negative score. Geekazine considers a negative review to have less than a 25% rating by the reviewer and/or the public. However, Geekazine also reserves the right to publish a negative product review at any time.

Products that are problematic, and may need a firmware update to fix, could be placed in a wait queue until deemed satisfactory.

Sponsored content will not be refunded.

Full Version Products

We are only interested in the full version product or software to review. We cannot test a feature if it is not included on a lower variant of the product.

If you have more than one version of your product, it is highly recommended you send all versions for us to check out.

Send review models to:

Jeffrey Powers
Address upon contact

iPhone or Google Play App Reviews

As with product, Geekazine will review full versions only. We may ask for credits to “In App purchases”. Feel free to send vouchers to [email protected]

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