Product Reviews

Product Review Policy:

Geekazine loves to review all items. We do a complete test of a product and also poll information from others to give the best review possible. Reviews will be given without bias.

Geekazine is a small shop of influencers: We review products as they come in. Sometimes, we get back-logged. Time frames depend on projects already scheduled or in-review.

The review can take up to 14 days or more from first-open before a post is created as the item is tested in multiple aspects for a good understanding of the product. Depending on other projects, we might not get to a review right away.

Paid Product Reviews:

From time to time, Geekazine is paid to review a product. This does not sway any opinion on a product review. All opinions are that of If you have any questions on the review, feel free to contact Geekazine.

Sponsored Review is defined as a company that will pay for the post or review. Free product is not considered sponsored review, unless it totals more than $500.

Geekazine will also get loaners, “Lifetime lease” product or “Free product” for the review.

Right Not to Release

Geekazine reserves the right to not release a product review for products that:

  • Have been known to harm consumers
  • Promote any gaming, tobacco, or adult site or content
  • The product has been discontinued prematurely
  • It does not fit the Geekazine brand
  • Other reasons

Geekazine will make the final decision and contact the company stating why the product did not get reviewed. Free product will be returned if the company sends return postage

Negative Reviews:

Geekazine chooses not to release any review that has an overall negative score. Geekazine considers a negative review to have less than a 25% rating by the reviewer and/or the public. However, Geekazine also reserves the right to publish a negative product review at any time.

Geekazine also reserves the right to not publish a review for an item received for any reason.

Full Product

Because ‘evaluation’ period items and ‘demos’ can restrict and have features that could be removed, reviews will be performed on Full products only. Item reviews will be comprehensive and will be reviewed for upwards to 48 (working) hours before being reported on.

You can send review models to:

Jeffrey Powers
5204 Manitowoc Pkwy
Madison, WI 53705

iPhone or Google Play App Reviews

As with product, Geekazine will review full models only. Feel free to send vouchers to [email protected]