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Geekazine has been an online podcast and smaller news source since 2007. Geekazine primarily covers consumer technology and music technology, along with Enterprise tech, car tech, culture articles, and AR/VR.

Most articles contain video, which can also be seen at YouTube.com/Geekazine.

Geekazine receives 80,000 monthly unique visitors, with around 50,000 social media views, and over 11,000 YouTube subscribers.

About Jeffrey Powers

Podcasting & videocasting since 2007, Jeffrey Powers interviews, reviews and discusses with industry leaders.

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Geekazine is copyright 2017, JMP Enterprise. Shows “Morning Geeks!”,  and “Day in Tech History” are trademarks of Geekazine.com and Jeffrey Powers.

Contact Information:

5204 Manitowoc Pkwy
Madison WI 53705

Additional address information will be sent upon request. Please email geekazine [at] gmail.com or call 608-205-4378 for more information.


Geekazine will conduct interviews at any time the Interviewee is available. We accept all requests for interviews that fit in the sites’ parameters. Pre-selected questions may be submitted, however, Geekazine has the to questions not on the list. Interviews will be recorded in real-time and may not be edited by the interviewee. Interviewee should be available by or email to answer any post questions needed. Product Information may be needed before is conducted. Call 608-205-4378 to set up a time.

Video interviews are property of Jeffrey Powers and Geekazine. You are free to link to them. If you would like to purchase your interview for personal or public viewing on your own platforms or , please contact me at geekazine [at] gmail.

Product Review Policy:

Geekazine loves to review all items. We do a complete test of a product and also poll information from others to give the review possible. Reviews will be given without bias. Item reviews will be comprehensive and will be reviewed for upwards to 48 (working) hours before being reported on. Not all product reviews will be used if deemed not viable for the audience. Geekazine will sign any disclosures if needed.

Jeffrey Powers
5204 Manitowoc Pkwy
Madison, WI 53705

Video reviews are property of Jeffrey Powers and Geekazine. You are free to link to them. If you would like to purchase your review, please contact me at geekazine [at] gmail.

Purchase News Articles:

We love to write about technology. We also love to share technology. Therefore, any of our articles are for sale for your website for $20 an article. Please contact geekazine [at] gmail.com to inquire.

Geekazines’ main author, Jeffrey Powers is also willing to guest write an article for your website. Feel free to contact him at same email, or call 608-205-4378.

Splogs or Web Poaching is not tollerated and we will work on getting those articles removed from the web.

Working with Geekazine:

Geekazine is looking for people to partner and help each other out. Geekazine works in many media facets of the web, and can easily be adapted to other media. We enjoy working with Sponsors to get the word out.

Geekazine is a growing website – since it’s inception in October 2007, the site has grown monthly in numbers. Geekazine has also made presence in:

Audio Podcast Media – with over 30,000 consumers each month to the podcasts and videocasts. Each Podcast is RSS cataloged and complies with iTunes and Zune standards.

Video Podcast Media – Streaming at http://live.geekazine.com/. You can also see video at http://www.tvazine.com or  http://www.youtube.com/geekazine.

Geekazine is viewed by users worldwide in over 120 countries. With a 75% male and a 55% 30-45 year old audience. 

Geekazine works with independant sites to bring a more enjoyable, easy to navigate site. Geekazine adapts well to Google and adheres to it’s search and PageRank policies (77% of search referrals come from Google).

Geekazine has many Sponsorship levels available. We also have a wish-list of items needed for day to day operations. These items include:

  1. HD Video Camera equipment
  2. 32 inch or larger LCD screen.

  3. Computers with i7 or better processors. Video takes a lot to process.
  4. Donations of news articles and scripts for shows

  5. Time promoting on social networks

Goals for Geekazine through 2020

  1. Continue to add more live events to the roster and interview everyone who conciders themselves a “Geek”
  2. Make Geekazine a foremost website to get information and video.
  3. Add a staff to Geekazine to bring variety to the site
  4. Increase the blogging so traffic can increase.
  5. Move the Geek Studio out of the spare bedroom and into a larger facility

Goals for Jeffrey Powers through 2020

  1. Meet Bill Gates – Interview him for 5 minutes
  2. Be asked to talk on TWiT for Tech History, iPad apps or other Tech Related show.
  3. Spend more time in Silicon Valley, talking with companies
  4. Meet Eric Schmidt – Interview him for 5 minutes
  5. Write guest articles for TechCrunch, Wired and Byte (amongst others)
  6. Launch 2 programs that will help podcasters get their show out faster
  7. Interview 1000 people. DONE!
  8. Give away a lot more prizes to those listening and watching my shows
  9. Speak at 20 major events.
  10. Meet Mark Zuckerberg – Interview him for 5 minutes
  11. Meet Tom Anderson – Interview for 5 minutes
  12. Attend Dragon-Con, Comic Con, CTIA
  13. Have a Ben & Jerry’s flavor named after me.

To talk with us, email geekazine [at] gmail.com or call 608-205-4378

License Information:

Geekazine, Geek Smack! iPad365, Geekazine Special Media Feed and Day in Tech History is brought to you by Jeffrey Powers is licensed under a Creative Commons A-Non Disclosure Works 3.0 US License. The Podcasts are under a no-deriv license. Based on a work at www.geekazine.com. Creative Commons License

Network Affiliation:

The following are the networks Geekazine has joined or partnered with. If you feel there should be another network, email me and let me know.

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