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Geekazine FAQ

Here is a comprehensive list of questions about Jeffrey Powers and

1. Does Geekazine use Mac or PC?

Yes. I use Both. Macbook Pro (dual boot), Windows notebook, Windows desktop.

2. What does Geekazine use to get those cool graphics on your screen

Photoshop to create the graphics. I use Wirecast for the overlays. For interviews in the field, I usually mix down later using Sony Vegas.

3. What do you use for cameras

Canon VIXIA HD camcorder – Logitech c910 and 9000 webcams, Kodak Playtouch (Zi10) handheld

4. What is your Audio Rig?

I speak into a EV Blue Raven Microphone for the podcast- running into an Alesis MultiMix 8 Firewire mixer. I run insert into a DBX 266XL and ART 355 EQ before coming back into the computer.

The Geek Bar uses a MXL 991.

The Mobile Rig is a 2 Channel Behringer mixer with SM58 microphone, or Blue Snowball USB mic (if need to be more compact). I also use a Sony wireless UWPV6

5. What do you use to record your podcasts?

I use Sony Acid Music Producer 8.0. I can easily move and manipulate audio with this program.

6. What do you use in Post Production

After I render the podcast in 64bps Joint Stereo, I clean up any id3 tags and post.

7. What do you use in Video Post Production

This has been changing. Right now I use Sony Vegas. Screencasts are produced in Wirecast.

If you want to add to the FAQ, feel free to contact me at Geekazine at gmail dot com, or just ask your question below in the comments section.

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