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Geekazine Privacy Policy

Revised: Sept 7, 2020

Properties included are:

We at Geekazine value your information. Geekazine tries hard at letting you know how your information is processed on this site.

When you sign up for an account, your data (email, name other information) will be inserted in our database. Email will be sent when the podcast is updated or if there is an important update. Information entered on this site will not be sold to any 3rd party. You have full ability to change and/or delete your account at any time. Upon deletion, your data will be removed. Geekazine does have a data backup for emergency. If reverted to the backup, you will be informed via email.

Geekazine will not sell, rent or give away any personal identifiable information about you to any third party whose use of that data will extend beyond the business purposes of Geekazine.

WordPress and PowerPress Geekazine’s front end is powered by WordPress, and the podcast is powered by Blubrry PowerPress. Both run under the GNU Public License. Click information is stored (ex: how many people select and listen to a podcast).

Google Ad-Sense When you use the search engine at the top of the page, your search information is passed through Ad-Sense and a cookie is created as mentioned in Googles’ Privacy Policy. No Login information is passed.

AdBrite Ads Ads on left, bottom, inline links and full page are brought to you by AdBrite. Ads should be set up as Family-Friendly. If you find one that is not, please let me know and I will contact.

ADs on Geekazine are carefully scrutinized and confirmed before posting. If any ad is misleading, please contact me @ geekazine [@] and I will remove.

Information Geekazine Collects

At times, Geekazine will collect specific information on your use within our infrastructure. This includes device identifiers (computer), IP addresses, general software used (browser information), what pages the user will view and how many times they re-view withing a certain time period.

Cookies: A unique identifier stored on your computer when used to visit. Cookies are used to track performance and keep your setting preferences. Geekazine uses to identify unique visitors and repeat visitors.

Web Beacons: Small 1 pixel images that can be used to monitor traffic – counting number of pages opened, specific pages visited, and what was viewed.

Scripts: programming code that may be embedded in web pages and some email messages. Once again, this will only monitor interaction to the website in question. Scripts are temporarily downloaded to a computer, then deleted when the visitor is connected to the site.

How We Share Information

Geekazine may share non-volatile information with agents, vendors, consultants, and other third parties on our behalf. A good example is if you enter a contest on Geekazine; giving out data that is pertinent to the results of the contest

We may also disclose your information if Geekazine believes that we are required to do so by law, regulation, or legal process (in result to court order or subpoena). Geekazine will also discolse to prevent harm or financial loss, in connection with suspected illegal activity. Finally, Geekazine will disclose in enforcement of site policies, to protect Geekazine and it’s subscribers rights, property, or safety.

Geekazine reserves the right to transfer any information in the event the properties of the site are sold or transferred to another business. This includes mergers, reorganization, and/or liquidation of the company.


Geekazine maintains each site, updating on a regular basis, and removing any part that can be considered questionable. Although we do our best, the Internet is not entirely secure. We cannot guarantee confidentiality of information transmitted to us over the Internet.

Geekazine has also implemented “Hypertext Transfer Protocol – Secure” (HTTPS) on all of it’s properties to make your information more secure – especially in eCommerce situations. Each Secure Socket Layer (SSL) may be reset or updated at any time.

Privacy of Children’s Rights

Geekazine is intended for all ages, but is not targeted to children under the age of thirteen (13). We do not knowingly collect personal information on persons under the age of 13, and if we learn this to have happened, we will delete information in accordance to applicable law.

Facebook Data Deletion Instructions

  • Once logged into Facebook, go to Your Facebook Information
  • Here, you can view all Off-Facebook activity, manage information, and more.

Geekazine contains automated hyperlinks via third party sites (and software within) to enhance your browsing experience. Those links have their own privacy policies or notices and are unaffiliated entities. This policy does not apply to those websites. Please refer to their Privacy Policy to understand how they collect information.


Geekazine  is a participant in the Amazon Services associates program, Skimlinks, and other affiliate programs. The website earns from qualifying purchases.

Social Features

Geekazine uses third party social sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) to communicate and promote it’s properties. Example tasks include when you “Like”, “Share”, or “Comment” on a post. Your action does transmit information to those services, which also have their own Privacy Policies. We cannot guarantee confidentiality of information transmitted to these services.

Video and Podcasts

All video created by Geekazine is copyright by Geekazine. At live events, many faces are recorded. Public events may have your face if you pass by a camera. Those who host or are interviewed on Geekazine will have name and a simple contact on the video. When you agree to be part of a Geekazine video, we do have permission to use your likeness in the video and any promotions for said video.

You can request to be removed from rotation if your video or interview puts you in a harmful or legal issue. Other requests will be handled case by case.

English Language Controls

This policy is executed in North American English language and may be translated in other languages by the user. In the event of conflict of definition, the aforementioned language version shall control to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

Changes to this Policy

We may change this policy from time-to-time without notification. Geekazine will update the date on the top of this page.


All questions or comments on privacy should be directed to geekazine at – Twitter @geekazine,  or call 608-205-4378.

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