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Contacting us is Very simple! Just fill out the form below.

If you are inquiring about writing for Geekazine or other properties of Jeffrey Powers, please indicate with “WRITING REQUEST”.

If you have a product you would like me to review, indicate with “PRODUCT REVIEW”


Refer to RATE CARD first.

Anyone not reading the Rate Card will be subject to ridicule and may not get a response. Further, it means you don’t really read these things and your request will be ignored.

No Gaming (Casino), adult or content over PG-13 rating.

Geekazine does not promote these sites, and will not respond to your email.

PR Inquiries – READ

  1. If you are not contacting me from a company email address, your request will most likely not be responded to
  2. If you don't do step 1 and not give me a link to a website or even mention the products you represent, you will not be responded to
  3. If you want me to review a product, read this first.
  4. If you are asking for Sponsor info – refer to the rate card.

Reviews for Commissions (or Affiliates) Inquiries

DO NOT USE if you want Geekazine to join your Affiliate program. We do not accept submissions in this way, and will be discarded. See the Review section for more information.

Technical Support Inquiries

Keep in mind, I review products. I son’t work for any of the companies that I talk about. If you have a problem with the product and need support, contact the company first. Make sure you have the latest firmware or software updates before you contact them.


It’s so annoying when I get 2 emails from you within a few minutes. If you don’t want a response, then do this method – and don’t send 3 “Trying again” emails. That’ll always make me happy…



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    — Disclaimer —

    Product reviews will go through a 90 day review period unless otherwise indicated. At times Geekazine will accept paid reviews. The video will contain opinions that are candid and not moderated by anyone other than Jeffrey Powers and Geekazine (except for grammar correction).

    Geekazine has the right to stop any post or review if we feel the item is unsafe, not PG-13 rated, or contains malware or other malicious issues at any time without explanation.

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