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About Geekazine LIVE! Video Production

  Geekazine has created live stream events since 2008. We have created content for small local productions, to video for Fortune 100 companies. From single camera “Man on the floor” shoots, to larger events spanning multiple rooms and cameras. Geekazine can make your events accessible, and stories told. 

  From single presenter content, to panels, coffee talks, blogger roundtables, keynotes, and more, Geekazine LIVE! can create a live stream and/or recordings of your event.

What event are you planning?

Various Live Stream Videos Powered by Geekazine LIVE!

In-Home Video Presentation

From your computer, call in with optional presentation ready, to which we will record and live stream. 

Coffee Talks

We bring in staff, news media, bloggers, and more to gather around a table to learn about what’s new. They then have the ability to ask questions, make observations, and more. 


Geekazine LIVE! can cover presentations from anywhere in the United States. We capture video of presenters, on-screen slideshows, and other content.

One-on-One Interviews

Interviewing guests at your event to learn about new products, processes, and more. 

And Much More!

We can create a video big or small. For  your YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, or use Geekazine LIVE! channels. 

Companies We’ve Worked With

So how can Geekazine LIVE!
stream your next event? 

Geekazine LIVE! FAQ

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  • Absolutely! We have the ability to do both in separate environments, so your videos are up to 1080p online. 

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